Wreckage - bad vibes

The end of the world.  We’ve been predicting it as a civilization since the dawn of man, it seems.  ”The End is Nigh” is always on someone’s lips, and usually that person is pushing an agenda.  And when Hollywood caught wind of the inherent drama of the threat of Earth’s destruction, movies got made about it.

Sarek found the ritual of it all soothing in its normalcy. Leonard would complain quite loudly while he gathered himself and closed his office for the day and then they would take the car Starfleet kept on hand for the Commodore across the city to Sarek’s residence where Amanda waited. Pike had jokingly referred to her as the woman in his life and Sarek supposed it was true. Amanda apparently had no problems asserting her authority over all of them at any given time.

Wreckage - Bad Vibes


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